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Are you looking for services or products for your business, family, or lifestyle?

Whether your needs are for yourself, your family, or your career, we are very sensitive about providing guidance that will help you make your own decisions to improve your life, your situations, and your relationships.  I give you the tools and you take it from there.

Are you mature and have weathered storms yourself?  Do you have wisdom from God to impart to others, but don't know how?  Consider taking the time to evaluate yourself so that you can determine, for yourself, how to share what you have learned.  Maybe you will make a difference in that one life to whom you reach out, before you move on to your future home.
Counseling Services

We all have issues that hold us back from our full potential in life.  These issues are usually quite normal and happen, or could happen to anyone:  inadequate education, unemployment, unhealthy communications, family squabbles, financial worries, emergencies, crises of faith, health concerns, death of a loved one or impending death ourself, et-all.  But, we don't have to go it alone, nor do we have to keep trying the same old actions that haven't helped.  There is hope; there is help that has weathered thru many storms and has survived.  Consider our personal, family, &/or company customized, confidential, counseling services, at reasonable rates.  Send messages via Contact Us.

  • Assessment tests
    • T-JTA (Taylor Johnson Temperament Analysis)
      • Completed
        • Via Internet on your own schedule,
        • In person, using printed booklets
        • In person, using dedicated computer software
      • Test Scoring options
        • Self test
        • Criss-Cross of two individuals
        • Family or group dynamics
      • Available in several languages
        • English
        • Spanish
        • French
        • German
        • Chinese
        • Korean
    • Additional assessments & resources
  • Counseling follow-up after testing
  • Other counseling resources, including our personal library
  • Private, confidential sessions
    • Individual
    • Couple (married or not)
    • Family
    • Group or Company

Career Consulting Services

Are you not satisfied with your current employment?  Or, could you use some help managing your self-employment business, family homeschool, or small private business?  C
onsider our career consulting services.  Send messages via Contact Us.
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