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Butterfly Christian Academy
Our private school support system is Butterfly Christian Academy.  Are you actively involved in your children's education?  Contact Us to discuss your unique homeschool, private school, family supplemental, or non-profit organization needs.

Consulting & Counseling Services

  • homeschooling administrative assistance
  • private school consulting
  • at-risk counseling
  • staff/parent counseling
  • assessment tests from Psychological Publications, Inc.
    • T-JTA & other testing evaluations
    • Completed online,
    • Or in-person with printed booklets or computer data entry
    • Self & Criss-Cross testing


Private Tutoring


  • pre-K - 12
  • GED & adult education
  • ESL (English Second Language)
  • Foreign Languages
  • College Prep
  • Senior Reading
  • Acting Training


Educational Materials for All Ages

  • Homeschooling Lending Library
  • Foreign Languages
  • Educational games & puzzles
  • Books for all ages
  • Multi-Media materials
  • Audio cassettes & CD's
  • DVD's & VHS tapes
  • CD-Rom


Exclusives For Sale


  • We have a variety of books & materials available for your purchase.
  • What do you need to fill in the gap & fit in alongside what you're using now?
  • Ask!  Send message via Contact Us.
  • Here's One:

FUN, FACTS, & FICTION - A Sampler of Stories
Great book for developing reading comprehension skills!

Can be used by individuals, for tutoring, or for class interaction.
For elementary grades primarily. 
Send message via Contact Us.




Regular Prices:

Single copy price    = $ 10
10+ copies           = $  8 each

Set of 20 copies     = $150 (if still available)

Pick up & pay cash for 10% discount OR ask for payment & shipping arrangements.
Non-profit organizations can apply for possible extra discount or donation copies.





  • While supplies last
  • New texts & workbooks
  • Used texts & materials
  • preK-12 reading books
  • babies/toddlers resources
  • Multi-Media materials
  • Small lap-sized harps
  • Children's Tupperware
  • School supplies

Any questions or different needs, ask via Contact Us.