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"personalizing Weltanschauung for creative professionals"

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Now is the hour!
Do you want creative tools to feed your spirit?
Is there something you always wanted to research, but never took the time?
Are you doing all you can
to encourage your talent
to grow & flourish?
It is never too late to learn!
There is never a day when we can say, "Enough!  I already know all I need to know".
For educational opportunities to enhance your career, see Career Education.
Career Services
  • Management Consultant
      • career management guidance
      • self-employed requirements
      • business tools recommendations
      • assessment tests
        • completed online
        • in person
    • Family Business
      • assessment tests
        • completed online
        • in person sessions 
        • Self test or Criss-Cross test scoring
    • Companies
      • Spokesperson
      • ad campaigns
      • organizer
      • writer
      • employee training
      • business skills
      • transcriptionist 
      • assessment tests
        • completed online
        • in person
        • Self test or Criss-Cross scoring
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  • Internet Team
    • for outsourcing your Business needs
    • to find freelance jobs

  • Actor




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