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Here you can read/hear about helpful thoughts for everyday living:
  • When Right Goes Wrong
  • Quotes to Live By
  • Recommended Self-Help Reading

See also:  Inspiration Corner.

See also:  For Widows Only.

Feel free to comment &/or ask me questions via Contact Us.

When Right Goes Wrong

When right goes wrong in your life, consider these suggestions to keep your life on track:

Let yourself feel your emotions.  There is nothing wrong with having feelings & everything right about it.  We are human beings; even Jesus felt & exhibited His own emotions.  The main thing is that part of growing up is learning to control our emotions, rather than as children being emotion-driven.  As adults, we can do most of this self-control ourselves.  It is when our actions & reactions interfere with our own well being &/or our relationships, that seeking out help for life solutions might be useful, or even essential.   

Give yourself time to get in touch with yourself (body, soul, & spirit) & with The Holy Spirit.  Your life has changed.  Things which may seem urgent, may not be.  Do whatever is timely & necessary, yes, but those activities & decisions that can wait, should.  You are not procrastinating; you are giving yourself the breathing room to be able to make thoughtful decisions, when your mind is ready to evaluate your situation clearly.  The more you find your new direction in life first, the better you will be able to deal with your everyday emotions.  While you are learning how to cope with your new needs & responsibilities, you will be able to think things through better as days go by.  As much as possible, try not to rush the process, nor let others rush you, no matter how well meaning they might be.


Also, when we cram too much into our days, we do not leave ourselves room to satisfy each activity & relationship to the full extent needed & wanted.


In addition, sometimes we forget to include someone or something that should be more part of our life.  Taking the time to evaluate one's own personal weltanschauung helps one make meaningful progress in determining the lifestyle that can bring internal peace.  Some things can wait; peace cannot.

You will make mistakes.  Other people will make mistakes.  The more you are able to forgive yourself & others, the more you will be able to go on with your life. Regrets, you will have some.  Triumphs, you will have many, if you keep your heart open to what God wants to do in you, for you, & through you.  Remember, too:  God is a good God; it is not His idea for you to suffer.

Your life is going in a certain direction.  It is the direction that you want.  Then, suddenly (or slowly), that purpose/plan/direction is taken away.  The circumstances were not your fault (or they were); they were not somebody else's fault (or they were); they were an "act of God" (as the expression goes)(or they were not).  In any case, something major has changed in your life.  Plan A is no longer happening.  What do you do?  Do you give up?  Do you stop living?


Whether the quality of your life has been affected, or not, you now have new decisions to make.  What I do, when I don't know what to do:  I go to Plan B.  Plan B is doing everything I already know how to do &/or know that I need to do now, & letting the rest of my life sit on the shelf until I'm ready to handle it, one decision, task, opportunity, relationship, at a time.  I keep going no matter what.


Example:  if I loose my job & money is low or non-existent, & I can't buy food, I use up the food that is already in my house.  It is probably getting old, anyway, & would be left on the shelf to get even older, if I could buy more.  That way, when new food becomes available, I can start fresh.  I might go to food banks for help, & that's OK;  that's why they are there, to help you in your time of need, no matter how rich or poor you used to be.


This is turning what should be right that went wrong, into right again.


I am going on with my life, one day at a time (sometimes one hour or one minute at a time).  Yes, I can go on, sorting through my emotions, needs, decisions, & relationships, as I am ready to do so.  No one eats the whole pie in one gulp!  We eat the portion size that we can chew, one bite at a time.  So it is with our faith, & with our life.  Yes, what I can do, myself, I do.  What I can't, I ask God, & wait for His answer; I ask a friend; I ask my teacher; I ask a professional counselor.


When appropriate or necessary, I ask other people for help.  It is OK.  We ALL need help from time to time.  As I set aside my need for self-sufficiency & self-reliance, I recognize that I do not live in a vacuum.  Family, friends, teachers, society, professional counselors, & even sometimes our government, are all there to be part of our lives - some of them want to be part of our lives.  They can't always help, but when they can & are willing, let them.  When they can't or won't, love them anyway.  Some do not want to help; let these alone - they are not worth the stress.


God sees the whole picture; leave it to Him.  I believe that the Bible is the best resource to help us get in touch with God, through Jesus Christ.  Besides the King James standard version, there are many modern translations that can be helpful reading to understand & relate passages to one's personal life.  Solutions can be found through your faith in Christ, but it may take time.  If English is not your native tongue, read a modern translation in your language, &/or maybe compare.  Incidentally, an excellent way to help learn another language is to read the Bible in both your native & the new language side-by-side.  If you are Jewish, search your scriptures to find the truth about your Messiah & who He is.  Personally, I especially love Psalms & Genesis.

Quotes to Live By

We all know the anonymous expression:

  • "Don't put off until tomorrow, what you can do today."

Well, I have a different one:
  • "Wait until tomorrow, to do what you can put off until then!"

The first expression is for lazy people, trying to encourage them to get off their butts & DO something.  But, for the workaholics/Type A's of you out there, the second one is more appropriate.  You don't know when to stop, when enough is enough, when you have reached your limit but still keep going.  You are like the Timex thrown in the water & it still keeps ticking (baby boomers & older adults will remember the reference).  IF you personally live by the first expression, you will always feel guilty that you left something undone when you finally went to sleep.  You really don't need to be told to get to work; your problem is you can't stop. IF you learn how to discern what can wait, & put that on the shelf until a reasonable time frame is available, you will set yourself free from guilt & frustration, & find life can be enjoyable, even in the midst of a tornado of tasks to be done - priority & everyday stuff.  You know how you take time to hug your animals & your children; let God hug you with His grace - in THIS lifetime.  If you don't, the next life might come sooner than you expect it.


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