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Counseling Services

As a professional counselor, I am authorized to administer the T-JTA assessment.  The Taylor-Johnson Temperament Analysis personality assessment test is the industry standard used in a variety of settings to enhance the counseling process for normal individuals.  Online or in-person testing can be arranged for widows & other individuals, families, company human resources, film cast/crew, or any type of group.  Besides the testing, we provide unique inter-active short or long-term counseling sessions, as needed to help you find solutions.  Our quality of life can be improved & encouraged as we get to know ourselves & others better.
Questions &/or comments?  Do you need customized solutions?  If you or your company are interested how Olive's Briefcase can provide professional counseling services for your own personal or group dynamics, feel free to Contact Us for more details.

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Global Term Definition:  {German language origin}

Personal Solutions

Do you want help
finding solutions to your career &/or life challenges?  Send messages via Contact Us.
We respect your ability to discover the solutions that will fit your own needs:

  • We are here to assist you
    • in making your own appropriate decisions,
      not to tell you what to do.
  • If you want a counselor who will solve your problems for you,
    • we might not be your best choice.
  • However, if you want a counselor who will guide you into:
    • focusing on what you want to have happen in your life,
    • & help you meet your goals,
    • then yes, we can be your best choice for
    • personalized creative solutions that will meet the test of time!

Counseling Corner

To read some of my helpful thoughts for everyday living & for recommended
other self-help reading materials, see Counseling Corner.

Private Counselor

Customized Weltanschauung support for your life

    • Who am I?
      • personal view
      • family view
      • world view
    • What is my core life foundation?
    • When do I want to re-focus my career?
      • now
      • if/when unemployed
      • unexpected job ending
      • desired job change
      • at retirement
    • Where do I want to make changes in my career &/or life?
    • Why is counseling important for me & my loved ones?
      • compassionate understanding of myself & others
      • someone professional to listen to me/us
      • improve communication skills
      • control my emotions
      • quality of life
      • enough is enough
      • addiction referrals
    • How can we harness our energies to find the solutions we need?
      • Assessment Tests
        • T-JTA
          • Taylor-Johnson Temperament Analysis
          • personality assessment
          • completed in person or online
          • Self Test or add Criss-Cross scoring
        • plus other proven tests
      • Customized Counseling Sessions
        • Unique approach
        • Gleaned from training in various counseling methods
        • Designed to help find solutions for personal goals
        • God centered thru Jesus Christ & The Holy Spirit

Private counseling sessions

  • personalized
  • confidential
  • life history
  • relationships
  • creative balance
  • structured VS stream-of-consciousness
  • left brain VS right brain
  • Individual home assignments appropriate to your needs


Individual Issues

  • whole health:  body, soul, & spirit
  • finances - see also Financial Services
  • communication skills
  • life skills
  • career focus
  • crisis, grief & loss
  • current or old ongoing issues
  • dating, family & marriage
  • child raising as a single parent
  • single personalized issues
  • dealing with different kinds of society
    • follower vs leader
    • free spirit
    • learning the "rules"
    • learning the local differences
      • VS your upbringing
      • VS your experiences
      • VS your own established culture
    • obvious VS hidden
    • expected VS unexpected
    • sensible VS unreasonable
    • attitude toward your religion
  • finding your balance
  • elder care
  • caregiver needs
  • getting control of your life
  • you name it!

Widowed Unique Challenges

  • whole health:  body, soul, & spirit
  • private records & life maintenance
  • crisis, grief, & loss
  • emotional support during grief process
  • creating a new life for yourself
  • Christian support group - see Faith & Future
  • see: A Personal Note to the Widowed Out There

Marriage challenges

  • couple's oneness
  • communication skills
  • life skills
  • dual career focus
  • be yourself within the relationship
  • family dynamics & responsibilities
  • child raising
  • unequally yoked
  • dealing with abuse
  • when it's not working
  • when it is & you want to make it better
  • communication
  • finances
  • healthy home atmosphere
  • hopes & dreams
  • differences VS compatibility
  • bringing back the love
  • The End or The Beginning


  • grandparent's needs
  • grandparent's raising grandchildren
  • needs of elderly relatives
  • caregivers' needs
  • whole health:  body, soul, spirit
  • quality of life
  • respect

Group Counseling

  • Couples
  • Families
  • Your Business' Employees
    • Hiring Assessments
    • Staff
  • Production Crew & Cast
  • Clubs
  • Any 2+ for group dynamics

Do you want help finding solutions to your career &/or life challenges?  Send messages via Contact Us.