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Olive's Briefcase

"personalizing Weltanschauung for creative professionals"

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Dawn Powell Dell
Owner & Founder of OLIVE's Briefcase
  • Professional Actor
  • Childcare Credentials
    • University of California, Davis
      • Center for Excellence in Child Development
      • CE Credits (Continuing Education)
  • Christian Ministry Credentials
    • Fuller Theological Seminary, Southwest
      • Equivalent of:  Certificate of Christian Studies
  • Private Pilot
    • Medical Certificate Third Class & Student Pilot Certificate
    • Available to assist SAG pilots in films
  • For Resumes or Biography, Contact Us.

The Olive Branch:

The Olive Branch is the name of our employee freelance support team.  We are here to help you find solutions to your workforce needs for your business, or for yourself, alone.  We have employees & job opportunities in technical office fields through through oDesk, and we can also provide Tupperware Consultants, or consider joining our team freelance.  Feel free to Contact Us for either outsource hiring or joining our team.

  • Hire one of our professional freelance team members!
    • Do you need outsourcing help?
    • We handle all employee details.
    • Employee database is through oDesk.
    • Ask about our OLIVE's Briefcase account.
    • See Virtual Support Team.
  • Would you like to Host a Tupperware party?
  • Ask about joining our team!
    • Are you looking for part-time or full-time work?
    • Would you like to control your hours & responsibilities?
    • We have various employment options for you to consider.
    • Contact Us.

Recommended Professionals:

See Acting Support Team for other professionals to assist you in your career.

Contact Us.