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I will be happy to share with you my experiences as a widow, & what I have learned about life. Feel free to Contact Us.  If you are a widow, I do not, nor can anyone but Jesus, fully understand what you personally are experiencing as a widow, yet having been a widow for many years, I have an idea from personal life what the experience entails.  If you are interested, I am available to help.  In any case, I hope the following insights will enhance your journey through this unexpected turn in your life's path.

A Personal Note to the Widowed Out There

As a widow for 27 years (since April 14, 1984), I can tell you, you will survive & find your own identity again.  Life, as you know, has it's highs & lows for everyone.  For a new widow, the challenges are greater because of emotions & memories involved, & suddenly having to "wash dishes with one hand".  May I suggest that you take time to get things done, one at a time, putting everything else on the shelf?  The responsibilities will still be there - believe me!  They can wait.  Your emotional roller coaster cannot.  It is OK to let yourself feel the down moments; they will pass & you owe it to yourself not to let them pass by without experiencing the release they can give you. The high moments are great to have, too.  Feel free to Contact Us to chat anytime.


Helpful Articles

Ten Rules for New Widows

{Reprint from Christian Clippings, August 1993, pg 20-21, which was reprinted from Quote, February 1992, author unknown}

  • Stay in charge of your own life.  Do not let your children or anyone else manage your money or activities.
  • Avoid hasty decisions.  For the first year, don't sell your house, don't move, don't make major purchases.
  • Maintain your regular routine.  Push yourself to get up at your usual hour, go to work, go shopping, do your chores as usual.
  • Get out of the house.  Do anything to get out, even if you do not want to.
  • Fight loneliness.  Get together with old friends, and work at making new ones.
  • Be good to yourself.  The person who loved and cherished you has gone, but there is no reason why you should not cherish yourself.
  • Exercise.  It is guaranteed that physical exercise will make you feel at least a little better.
  • Cry if you want.  It helps.  And do not let other people stop you.
  • Beware of pills and alcohol.  Alcohol can seem to offer an escape or blunt the edge of grief, but this is a temporary illusion.  As for tranquilizers, follow your doctor's advice; these can become addictive.
  • Check your progress. Take time every 3 months to think back & assess your progress.

Check back later for more helpful information, go to Counseling Services, or Contact Us.  We are available for widowed counseling, support system, or advice from widows.