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{John 7:17, Today's English Version:  "Whoever is willing to do what God wants will know whether what I teach comes from God or whether I speak on m own authority."}

Here are some of my encouraging messages:
Mary in a Martha World
Rest, My Beloved
For God to be God
A Message to Pastors

See also:  Counseling Corner.

See also:  For Widows Only.

Mary in a Martha World

{Luke 10:38-42}

I have an expression, "I am a Mary in a Martha world."  For me, this means that there is so much need for prayer in this world, yet most of my time has to be spent doing the daily unavoidable necessities of life (work, family responsibilities, etc).  The key is to find that perfect combination of faith AND works.  Jesus never told Martha NOT to serve Him; He was establishing priorities.

Rest, My Beloved

{Hebrews 4, especially 4:1, "Now, God has offered us the promise that we may receive that rest He spoke about..." Today's English Version}

{In memory of Whitney Houston.}

What is restful sleep?  I forgot.  It seems that I alternate from awake & asleep round the clock.  Just when I'm getting into a deep sleep/real type dreams (at least to me), something wakes me up.  It could be a door bell, a ringing phone, a wiggly cat, hunger, or some unexpected external noise, and bingo!  I am awake again and can't get back to sleep.  Does anyone else experience this?  If so, what helps for you?  I find going to sleep watching a show or listening to music helps.  But, the dilemma of startling events eventually wakes me up again.  I imagine that when we leave this earth the experience will be similar.  Only that time, we won't want to return to our "dream" of our life here.  In this life sometimes our dreams provide a much needed escape from the trials we face daily (nightmares not included).  But, the next world will bring freedom like we've never truly known.  We will be glad to be awake & rested forever more!

For God to be God:

{1 Timothy 6:16}

The very fact that you can't see God, proves that He exists.  If we could put Him in a box & look @ Him, He wouldn't be bigger than us & wouldn't be God.  The very definition of God confirms that He be bigger than all creation combined.

A Message To Pastors:

{Luke 5:12-16}  (Note: "often", "so")

Jesus continually returned to God to be refilled with The Holy Spirit because he was healing the multitudes.  If Jesus felt the need, after giving out love, to go to God to receive more love to give, can we do any less?  Why do we think that since He filled us once we have enough for a lifetime?  If what He gave us once is enough for our lifetime, then we are selfishly keeping it to ourselves.

Why do ministers who have been successful find themselves out of the will of God and walking away?  Because they unselfishly give out all they have received from God, but never return (or stop returning) to God to receive more of His love to give out.  Never think that you are so great that you have received all you need from God and can spend the rest of your life giving only and never needing to receive again.  Don't look down on the receivers, for you are one of them.  In God's eyes we are everyoneboth givers and receivers.  Spiritual life is like breathing.  You do not do all the breathing out, while another does all the breathing in.  You must do both.  Just as you despise the actions of those who only receive and never give out, despise also that attitude of those who only give out and refuse to receive.  They run out of the grace of God and start operating on their own power, thereby losing the anointing, while possibly still appearing successful.  Or, sometimes their life shows that they walked away from God.  But, whether obvious or not, the man or woman of God who stops receiving from God left Him atthatpoint.

Will you be humble to acknowledge that you still need to receive from God and cannot only just give out to your people?  If you think you have arrived, God will probably take you home.