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"personalizing Weltanschauung for creative professionals"

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  • Dawn Powell Dell
  • Mary Hardin Vaught

Dawn Powell Dell

I'm delighted to share with you my own writings.


  • Stream of Consciousness writings
  • Topic writings

Periodical Column
  • Quarterly newsletter column - 2006-2009
    • as Chair of SAG Arizona Conservatory
    • for SAG in the Desert (SAG Arizona)
Books - TBA
    • Walking with The Holy Spirit writings
    • Depths To Ponder

Many years ago, I wrote a series of books in a stream-of-consciousness spiritual style, which were never formally published.  I hope to revive them someday, & let you know when & where they will be available to read. The first is "Depths To Ponder".


If you are interested in learning more about these articles, periodical column, &/or books, Contact Us{Copyright by Dawn Powell Dell, All Rights Reserved Globally.}

Mary Hardin Vaught

1904 - 1975

Would you like to read a true story that will lift up your spirits and give you hope?  Ask about reading this book by Mary Hardin Vaught, Contact Us.

  • Her Missionary Journeys
    • Asia
    • Lebanon
    • USA:
      • Florida
      • Virginia
      • New York City
  • About Mary:
    • Friend of rich & poor alike
    • Fully dedicated to our Lord Jesus Christ
  • Daily Devotional
    • Entertaining
    • Encouraging
    • Inspirational
    • Pending publication
    • Do you want to read this?
    • Contact Us to be notified when available.

Newspaper Articles

Did you know Mary Hardin Vaught?

  • Let us know how via Contact Us.
  • Please send us ANYTHING you have related to her life: (examples)
    • Letters to &/or from her
    • Church Bulletins
    • News Articles
    • Photographs of her &/or others who knew her
    • Your own reflections about and memories of her
    • Photographs of any possessions she gave you
    • You didn't meet her, yourself, but were told about her
  • If you need the originals, keep them & send us photocopies.
  • Please indicate if anything you send is copyrighted, & by whom.