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Olive's Briefcase

"personalizing Weltanschauung for creative professionals"

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Dawn Powell Dell
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Our business is named after Olive, my pet potbellied pig (see photo), who lived for many years.  After she went to Heaven to be with Jesus & our pets who died previously, I missed her for almost 2 years.  Then, I decided it was time to redesign my business & name it after her.  She was so intelligent.  Many people don't realize just how intelligent pigs are.  Since then, we adopted Chico & Twiggy, 2 new piglet potbellied pigs, about the same age, but from different pig parents.  However, Chico very shortly thereafter went to be with Olive.  Then, we adopted Dooney, who was about the same age as Twiggy.  I call the 3 of them my triplets!  The 2 are now adults.
Our cats:  We also had 12 cats (our even dozen), now have 11 (because one of them, Oreo, went to join Olive, Chico, & our other previous cats, dogs, & other pets in Heaven in October 2010).  Our 11 consist of: a stray Mommy who gave birth at home to 4 kittens (adults now for many years)(Daddy stayed outside, then became missing).  More recently, we took in another stray Mommy, who likewise gave birth to 4 kittens.  This Daddy was, likewise, another outdoor stray & we finally caught him & brought him inside.  Needless to say, all our cats are now spayed/neutered & all live indoors (which makes a very busy household!).
In the past, we have had many different types of pets (dogs, ducks, rabbits, doves, frogs, gerbils, & many other species) - our own petting farm, which was part of our homeschool. Certainly, there are challenges raising pets, but the rewards are well worth it!  Studies
have shown that owning a pet is therapeutic, as well as a great source of joy in one's life. We'd love to hear about your pets, too.

Contact Us.
What does all this have to do with the Briefcase part of our name?  Nothing, I guess, just that I wanted to remember Olive in a very special way.  Everything, I guess, because our business is about keeping one's entire lifestyle in perspective while pursuing one's
career.  Pets keep us getting up in the morning, even those mornings when life seems difficult to face.  Those of you who have pets know what I mean.  Those of you who don't, well, that's your choice, & I hope you find other ways to make it through the dark days.
Life is not always fun, not always the happy front we show to people when we are out in the world as adults.  Yes, we should think positively & pursue our careers & lives with passion &, most especially, with love.  It is to that end & with that goal in mind, that OLIVE's Briefcase exists.  The more organized we are, & the more focused, & the more balanced in our relationships & in our activities, the greater is our potential for success.  Remember
that this success can be IN THE NOW, as we go through this wonderful journey called life.
Tomorrow may bring your dreamed successes to light, but in the meantime, why wait?  Why not enjoy the ride?  Like BIRDS IN FLIGHT (see Poetry ), our joy can be not just in the destination, rather in the flying, itself!

To adopt a pig, find a home for your pig, or donate to a pig rescue organization, see Ironwood
Pig Sanctuary, under CommunityTo take the Pig Pledge (agree to not eat pig) & for additional animal concerns regarding pets, farm animals & other animals, also see
Community.  To purchase food, vitamins, & other products for your pigs & other pets, see Pets & Other Animals.
Dawn Powell Dell